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Fort knox verification and checks services limited

Our Vision

To be the best in class of background screening companies both within and outside Africa.

Our Mission

To provide the highest degree of competent, accurate and professional background screening, thereby mitigating risk of fraud and deceit in any organizations.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity: We act at all time with integrity, providing quality service, being reliable and responsible
  • Honesty: We are open and honest in all our dealings and maintaining the highest integrity at all time
  • Customer Service: We cherish our customers and we believe they deserve our services to be timely, responsive, proactive, meeting their need and aiming to delight them.
  • Ownership: We take ownership of clients’ need as we are accountable for delivering professional service
  • Excellence: We do what we say we will and also strive for quality and excellence in whatever we do. If we give our word, we keep unless agreed otherwise by all parties.
  • Teamwork: We provide support to one another, working cooperatively, respecting one another’s view and making our working environment fun and enjoyable.
  • Commitment: We work with a sense of urgency and a high level of commitment from both the individual and company’s perspectives

Fort Knox Checks, short for Fort Knox Verification and Checks services limited, is a strategic initiative that combines time-proven security expertise with pan Africa operational spread to achieve timely and highly qualitative background check services.

We are an outsourced service provider that has honed processes that help organizations’ minimize risk or eliminate losses due to frauds, thefts, industrial espionage, operational disruption, property destruction, workplace violence and reputation damage.

Our background check services are designed to improve our clients’ comprehensive security programme and assure the integrity of their workforce, guaranteeing the safety and the security of their work environment, their information systems and the continuity of their business.

In line with our group vision, we guarantee the safety and security of our clients’ key assets; people and property

Employment verification services
Claims/Death Certificate Verification
Educational degrees and transcript verification
Organisation and vendor background checks