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Background Checks and Verification


Applicants overtime tend to present falsified documents to secure jobs and in turn such applicants pose a great risk to the employee either directly or indirectly.
Our team of expert conducts verification globally on Educational certificate and deliver the result to our client in shortest Turnaround time for them to mitigate hiring risk during employment.
Transcripts may also be ordered to further demonstrate the applicant’s level of performance

Employment Check

A healthy workplace begins with employment check. Make sure you know who you are hiring by conducting a robust employment check which provides accurate information on the applicants work history, skills, experience, period of employment, last designation, manner of exit, suitability for employment amongst others to make the best informed decision.


Protecting your assets against unworthy individuals is our top priority. Fort Knox Checks helps to ensure guarantor listed is real and legit by verifying details provided ranging from Guarantors’ work place, residence and other vital information to ensure someone can be held accountable in case of syndicate theft, loss of property or wilful damage.


Our professional license and certification verifications cuts across Africa and beyond. Our reports reveal the validity of applicants’ professional licenses, date of issue, renewal and expiration dates, current status and any disciplinary action (if any).

We validate that your candidates are in good standing with the relevant certification boards required for their particular job category, including doctors/medical professionals, attorneys, Engineers and professional Consultants.


Antecedents have revealed that an employee with criminal record history in a previous employment is liable to display same in your organization if employed. Hence it behooves every organization to ensure a criminal record checks are conducted on all employee to guide against potential issues such as theft, threats, violence, reputation damage and other criminal activity in your workplace.

Our team is well placed to conduct Criminal Record Check on your behalf both within and outside the country in shortest turnaround time.


Establishing trust in business partnership is very difficult as the world is full of fraudulent individuals and activities. Corporate and Private Institutions seek a way to ensure they partner with right caliber of clients and partners in their day to day transactions.

In view of this, our team is saddled with responsibility of investigating the authenticity of your intending business partners across the world before engaging in a business with them.  The activity entails an assessment of all relevant business information, such as assets and liabilities


As it is Mandatory for graduates in Nigeria to serve their fatherland and obtain their NYSC Certificate, Applicants tend to falsify their NYSC certificate simply because they did not serve nor could not complete their service year.

We at Fort Knox Checks will help you verify and identify falsified NYSC certificate through constituted Authorities to ensure you are employing graduates with integrity


Reference checks provide valuable insight into applicants’ strengths, weaknesses, character and overall suitability for employment and/or position. Here; information about an applicant are obtained from individuals who has close/direct knowledge of the candidate’s performance and dependability


Our team work with Insurance companies, Pension Fund Administrators and Custodians and other Financial Institutions to authenticate the documents submitted by beneficiary.   Our unique & informative process has been relevant in identifying fraudster in clients, customers and beneficiaries in the process of claims administration

Verification just got easier

Address verification / KYC

Address verification is important because it establishes one important aspect of a potential employee’s identity, the given address is visited by our verification staff to determine whether the candidate’s address is correct.  Fort Knox Checks ensures that no fictional address or false claims of identity can get past you.

We also provide Know Your Customer (KYC) checks for corporate enterprises in line with global compliance best practice.

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By choosing Fort Knox Verification and Checks Services Limited, you can be confident that all your background checks and verification projects are timely and professionally delivered.
With our Pan-Africa operational spread and our in-depth security knowledge you can be assured of a cost-effective and efficient solution that translates into organisational success for you.