About Verisure

VeriSure is an online verification portal that offers organizations convenient and cost-effective background check solutions.

Why You Should Choose Us

Verify Candidates Easily

Upload a list of candidates to be verified on the portal or simply send the list via email.

Friendly User Interface

Offers the client and candidates/staff/vendors the opportunity to log into the account to view updates and the project’s status.


Upon upload of candidates’ details, they receive login details and can log in remotely, fill the necessary forms and upload their documents for verification.

Unique Login Details

Irrespective of the number of candidates and location, you can personalize your account and upload all necessary documents.


The process is 100% confidential.


Ability to generate reports within the shortest possible time as making use of the portal cut the process but 50%.

Free Setup

It is absolutely free to start enjoying the benefits of VeriSure.

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